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Marketing Activations

Excitement without limit — We Are Limitless serves a growing clientele of professionals across Canada with on-demand event essentials and must-have accessories. When it comes to marketing activations, you’ll want to call on the team that’s already built a reputation for service, quality, and event acumen. Our contemporary product line ensures your activation event will feature only the best, top-of-the-line products that take your plans to the next level.

Fairs & Festivals

We look beyond birthdays, to deliver ALL of Canada the rentals that come in handy for every fair and festival event. Consider the active play and team building that inflatable units deliver, and the enjoyment of classic carnival rides. Games and tents? We have you covered there, too. We Are Limitless even stocks a number of mechanical bull units (you heard that right!), so buckle in for big-time fun and games!


​Experience tells us that fundraising organizers keep their eyes on budgets and can be intimidated by the rental process; but experience also tells us that we’ve got the know-how you can rely on to make the best decisions for both generating excitement and coming in under budget. Planners and volunteers working behind the scenes at both gala events and school functions frequently call on We Are Limitless staff to guide them through the selection process.

Event Photography

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Event Infrastructure

A growing clientele of professionals across Canada will speak to our professional team members and expert know-how. Believe us — too many event planners forget essentials like tents and tables, restroom facilities and proper cleaning stations. And, we can’t stress enough how a lack of planning for must-have infrastructure can take a party from “winning!” status to empty seats, in no time flat.

Corporate Events

​Look your best and pull off the best first impression possible with top-of-the-line corporate events, made possible with We Are Limitless. We carry industry-leading rental units that deliver, when it counts. You’ve got money on the line, and we’re the trusted partner you can rely on to ensure your corporate event is set up to impress.

Tradeshow Activation

Consider this: how many trade show booths have you passed by, without grabbing so much as a pamphlet? That’s a wasted opportunity, and the organizers of those booths no doubt invested a great deal of resources into that wasted opportunity. Don’t let that happen to you! The team that prepares for killer engagement will understand that the successful organization connects on multiple levels. We can help you address that checklist, to make sure you’re ready when the trade show doors open.

Event Planning & Production

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