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Product Information:

Our Human Whack-A-Mole rental is an incredibly fun and interactive game that brings the classic arcade game to life in a whole new way. This larger-than-life version of the beloved game will be the highlight of any event or party. 

Picture this: a colorful inflatable arena is set up, complete with holes strategically placed. Participants of all ages take their positions. As the game begins, the moles (played by participants) pop up from their holes, trying to avoid being whacked by the mallet-wielding players.

The excitement and laughter fill the air as players take turns trying to "whack" as many moles as they can within a given time frame. The inflatable arena creates a safe and bouncy environment where participants can move freely as they try to react quickly and accurately to catch those mischievous moles.

This interactive game is perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, school functions, or any gathering where you want to create a memorable and engaging experience. It encourages friendly competition, improves hand-eye coordination, and guarantees a ton of laughter and entertainment for all participants and spectators.

Our Human Whack-A-Mole rental promises hours of non-stop fun and excitement. It will create an unforgettable experience that will have everyone talking about your event long after it's over. So, get ready to step into the arena, whack those moles, and make memories that will last a lifetime with this unique and exhilarating rental game.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

14L X 14W X 5H

Space Needed:

17L X 17W X 5H

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